Flipping out

Josiah is really in to both Parkour and gymnastics right now.  He went to a class for each one tonight.  He really wants to learn to do a flip….and he’s getting closer.  

Nature and gardening.

I’m a yes person but it feels like my kids give me a LOT of opportunities to say no. I was telling someone the other day, I often feel like a dream squasher. Roman wanted to do some “gardening”, and since I’ve been crushing so many of his other dreams lately – like hiking a mountain, making a robot that could follow him around, building a real gorilla skull, going to the deepest part of the ocean, getting an actual whale, or my personal favorite from earlier in the day, when he asked about a night vision video camera that he could set up to get footage of his spider trap in his room – I figured I’d say yes to gardening. Since I couldn’t go to the store to buy supplies like he suggested because Ivy had a fever…oh, and since we don’t actually have a garden…I told him we’d indoor “garden” with herbs. It was a success and he was pleased. And yes, I felt a bit pathetic, but sometimes you just have to aim low. And it turns out it was good enough for him!

And the photo of him out front was from him this morning. He wanted to have a picnic and get some time in nature. There was no actual food involved, but he did take his backpack and an ice pack, because I guess you just never know what you will need…in “nature!”


Another injury.

Not sure what to say. He fell just running around AFTER his tennis lesson! He didn’t fall off our monkey bars or fall jumping from the couch to the chair, he fell running around on the ACTUAL ground. Maybe 24×7 helmets and pads ARE a good idea for my children! Simple buckle fracture, 5 to 6 weeks in a splint! Life with 4 kiddos is never dull!


First day of preschool!

The twins started PRESCHOOL! Woot! Woot! And they LOVED it!

Hello new season of life! Hello a couple of mornings free! Granted the boys are still yet to start school due to the strike, but my day felt different regardless. Nothing like a double tall pumpkin spice latte to celebrate! Cheers!

p.s. Ivy wasn’t quite ready for two new shoes so she opted for only one. She also felt like sticking with her summer uniform of one of two pink hand-me-down leotards would be best. And no, our window in the background is not broken, Roman has just been working on it…which means we may soon have a broken window!