Things I find amusing.

Obviously when you find a nutcracker wrapped in lights you know it isn’t an accident. And since I had earlier straightened out all of the photos when I found them pushed to one side of the mantel, I knew something was going on. Sure enough, Josiah informed me there was a war of some sort and the photos were guarding the giant nutcracker while this other little nutcracker fellow had been taken hostage.

Do you leave this sort of thing ‘as is’ or clean it up? These are the sort of questions I deal with in my day. Not even close to rocket science but definitely perplexing at times. I guess I can rest assured that his imagination continues to be healthy and hope he will let me know when the war is over.

I do love being a mom but it sure is different than I imagined!



Josiah found a new way to use the monkey bars in our hallway upstairs.

Problem solvers.

Can’t prepare the road for our kids, so doing our darnedest to prepare our kids for the road…as random as their requests for preparing to hit the road might be!

Says the mom who has a son who wears ear protection when he hears (or just sees) a leaf blower (being used or just sitting in a truck) and the daughter who stays warm by adding another skirt rather than wearing pants.


Right after the stockings were hung by the chimney with care….

We just finished decorating the Christmas tree which was fun. I thought I was going to post some photos from our time doing that but thought I would share this which started right after the stockings were hung by the chimney with care….

The age gap brother.

I had to laugh when I went upstairs to check on the twins. They were playing airplanes, “sister airplanes”, as Ivy called it. Ivy had the sister airplane (the smaller one) and Roman had the mama airplane.

I can confidently say that the big boys NEVER played “sister” airplanes!


If you have been looking for an efficient way smoosh play dough, you might want to watch this.