Neighborhood band practice

We have entered the school band stage of life. Wasn’t anticipating this on. Josiah LOVES his trumpet. The clarinet across the street is our neighbor Hendrick.

Roman’s first Husky football game

It was so fun to take Roman (Rom-Dawg) to his first Husky football game today. It started out a little rough as it was too loud for him but pretty soon he found his comfort zone and figured out, with Asher’s help, that he could yell as much and as loud as he wanted.

So far the Huskies are 1-0 with him there so we’ll take him next week too.

Oh and we have two casts


Upon returning from getting his cast Roman lifted up his arm and said, “Just like Iah!”

Josiah upon seeing Roman’s cast said, “Why do one of the twins get a cast every time I get a cast?”

How’d they happen?
Josiah’s was the result of his South Dakota horse getting spooked by a trailer while we were out for a ride. The driver didn’t notice so the horses wouldn’t stop. He held on for quite some time but eventually jumped off when the horse was headed on to the road. The driver did stop though when the riderless horse passed him!

Roman’s was a typical 3 year old activity – trying to fly off of the arm of a couch. He apparently has Josiah’s flying aspirations!


And it’s football season.

All three of our boys have football fever. Roman (covered in sweat) was brought in kicking and screaming last night because he wanted to play more football. Then he woke up this morning asking Asher to go back out with him and play.

Which leads me to our front yard, which never quite recovered from the Seahawks making it to the Super Bowl last year (because Asher manages to practice almost as much as the actual Seahawks’ players)! I’m starting to think there isn’t any hope for our grass…or our neighbor’s! We’ve managed to ruin theirs as well (maybe be glad you aren’t our neighbor). I heard Asher’s friend, Jude, say, “Don’t you just feel like this yard was made for football?!”


Having fun

He has been doing this for five minutes already and it could easily go on another five….

Ice Bucket Challenge

I was recently challenged to dump a bucket of ice on my head by my friend Bart Morse in support of ALS. I also took a trip to Juneau Alaska to visit some friends and decided to combine the two….

Lacrosse camp

The big boys started lacrosse camp this week. When Roman saw them this evening in all their gear he hustled inside to put on his wedding shoes (reaching over athletic shoes to do so I might add, maybe he thinks his wedding shoes are cross-trainers…I’m getting off track here) and grab his lacrosse stick so he could play with them! He was beside himself with joy when they helped him put on pads!

Asher is already asking if he can go next year. Josiah hopes it snows so he doesn’t have to go tomorrow (not because he doesn’t like it but because it is too hot with all of that gear). Got to love their differences…and their little shadow, Roman!