Our oldest turned 11.

Happy Birthday to our first born, a boy who is truthful and honest, just may love animals more than people, believes he can do anything he sets his mind to, is a WSU Cougar fan, knows he needs alone time, loves to burrow in his blankets while sleeping UNDER his bed, has a fabulous sense of humor and wit, is loyal to his core, has an amazing imagination, isn’t a big fan of change, can climb most anything including our walls and most trees, still has a tendency to wear clothes inside out or backwards, doesn’t spend much time worrying about what others think, loves stories, loves action movies, asked if he could go sky diving for THIS birthday, and is truly, truly a delight to parent! What a privilege and an adventure for Adam and I!



We spent some great time crabbing before the 4th. Thanks to my brother-in-law Jason for the boat,crab pots and know-how.   

  Mt. Rainier

  Boys in the Boat


  Josiah and cousin Jase digging for horse clams

Asher and cousin Jonah digging for clam shells  

  Asher and Jonah enjoying the ride. 

  Fog lifting from Seattle. 
 Josiah and Jase catching horse clams for bait. 

 Pulling up the first pot of the day. 

Enjoying the speed.  

The day.

Today the Seattle Public School’s teachers were on strike so the kids had the day off. I love days off, but they can also be major stressors with my ‘people pleasing’ mom tendencies combined with their ‘never satisfied’ tendencies, along with the fact someone is always upset with the day’s plan (and if they happen to be a twin they feel their opinion is best expressed through screaming and crying…which I find myself tempted to do in return but I digress). So as much as I like days off and the freedom they bring, they also have a tendency to be ‘refining’ to say the least, regardless of how low I aim!

Today my goal was for the big boys to watch Roman at his soccer class (which he refers to as his soccer game). That was my one requirement, the day had to be built around Roman’s soccer and all who came HAD to watch and pay some attention to Roman (Roman knew this and woke up excited that his brothers were going to come watch HIM)! Well, their friends apparently were willing to do anything to play with them, so Roman had quite the cheering squad, which he loved! Mind you, Josiah, at one point in his early years insisted on no clapping or cheering for him on any occasion. If cheering or clapping took place, he either shut down and retreated or cried. Then there is Roman, who’s chest could not have swollen any more as he listened to the other boys chant his name in the car as we drove to soccer! It was priceless! As you’ll see below, the big boys did me proud!

From there we hit the beach – swimming, crayfish, sunburns and all! I even splurged on the ice cream truck!

I had a few ‘moments’ (as did my children) but overall it was a great day! I feel very thankful.


Ivy’s theology.

This morning the big boys had a lacrosse tournament. Adam went early with the big boys and the twins and I followed a little later.
On the way Ivy was singing in the backseat one of her made up songs that sort of runs on and on about whatever. Clearly Easter was on her mind because she was singing about God and Jesus and dying. And then I heard, “Jesus died on the cross (pause) stick.”
I had to smile. Must be confusing going to a ‘crosse’ game after having learned Jesus died on the cross. But she went with it and kept on singing.


Asher turned 9!

Asher turned 9 years old today. Often Asher’s birthday celebration of choice is playing a ‘friendly’ (while extremely competitive) game with our extended family of his current favorite sport. A few years ago it was basketball out front (and no, we don’t have a basketball court so yes we did use our yard for that, too). Last year it was flag football in Puyallup. And this year it was soccer on the Bustad Ranch in La Center, Washington in the pouring down rain. It is always a blast for all involved and this year did not disappoint. There were the usual
tears, injuries, and arguments, as well as a lot of great memories and fun (like most family and sporting events)! Thank you to our family for helping to make it happen, yet again!

Happy Birthday to our competitive yet sensitive, lover of ALL sports, observant, encouraging, affirming, rule following (and helper of others to follow rules), hard working, generous, and all around fabulous son! Thank you for being YOU! May we have wisdom and discernment to know how to come alongside you as you continue to become the person God created you to be. We sure do love you!!