Asher turned 9!

Asher turned 9 years old today. Often Asher’s birthday celebration of choice is playing a ‘friendly’ (while extremely competitive) game with our extended family of his current favorite sport. A few years ago it was basketball out front (and no, we don’t have a basketball court so yes we did use our yard for that, too). Last year it was flag football in Puyallup. And this year it was soccer on the Bustad Ranch in La Center, Washington in the pouring down rain. It is always a blast for all involved and this year did not disappoint. There were the usual
tears, injuries, and arguments, as well as a lot of great memories and fun (like most family and sporting events)! Thank you to our family for helping to make it happen, yet again!

Happy Birthday to our competitive yet sensitive, lover of ALL sports, observant, encouraging, affirming, rule following (and helper of others to follow rules), hard working, generous, and all around fabulous son! Thank you for being YOU! May we have wisdom and discernment to know how to come alongside you as you continue to become the person God created you to be. We sure do love you!!


Easter pic.

“Kids, let me get a picture of you four together. ” (And I may have said no candy until I get a picture). Click.
“Josiah, try and have a real smile.”
“Ivy, please don’t stick out your tongue.”
“Roman, will you please smile?”
“Just one more, please.”

And yes, the last one probably captures them best ;).

Happy Easter!


Glimpse in to life.

I’d say these photos help give a glimpse into our season of life:
– kids still peeling the (most likely lead) paint off their walls and doors when left alone too long – the periodic animal pelt stored on the kitchen bar for days on end
– grass that we wonder if we bother trying to salvage or if we just embrace the ‘look’


Swimsuit season.

Ivy’s new clothing item of choice, her swimsuit! She feels that it goes best with leggings and knee high socks when she has to be outside…I mean it is March, a girl can get cold!


This kid and his bike.

We’ve got ourselves a serious biker!



Last week, per Ivy’s request, I bought my first ever glitter and glitter glue sticks (and FYI there are more than one glitter glues out there)! Oddly enough, it was my first request for them! However, when it comes to nerf weapons, there’s a good chance I’m covered! Shoot, we might even fancy some of them up ;) now that we’ve got a girl in the mix!

p.s. Her favorite color IS “pink and purple and blue.” I get the same answer when I ask about her favorite animal!

We love our Ivy!