New stroller.

I finally broke down and bought Roman his own doll stroller. Let’s just say it was a good purchase. When I told him we were going to Trader Joe’s today he marched it (and his kitty) right out to the car. And then proudly pushed it around the store. Turned out to be one of my better grocery store experiences, Roman and his stroller and Ivy and her purses!


Spring snowboarding for Asher’s Birthday

April 15th was Asher’s 8th birthday – a great day. The day before (Monday) I took Josiah and him snowboarding as part of the celebration. It was, in my opinion, an AWESOME day – beautiful blue skies, sunshine, no lines, great snow, and time with two of my boys. What could possibly be better? I hope they had as much fun as I did :)

Nail polish.

Nothing like the smell of nail polish when the only kid unaccounted for is Roman. Luckily there was no real damage to the furniture, hardwoods, or cow costume he happened to be wearing. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the amount he got on his nails.

The kid meant it when he said he wanted his nails painted and he is proud.


We got a dog!

The country life…

Sometimes we visit relatives (like my brother’s family in LaCenter) and wonder a bit why we live in the city! Pigs, chickens, horse, and acreage….definitely understand why it is ALWAYS hard for my kids to leave. I’m so very grateful they share.

Tap dancing.

This kid is too much!!



Roman started a worm farm today and he’s pretty excited about it.