Lacrosse camp

The big boys started lacrosse camp this week. When Roman saw them this evening in all their gear he hustled inside to put on his wedding shoes (reaching over athletic shoes to do so I might add, maybe he thinks his wedding shoes are cross-trainers…I’m getting off track here) and grab his lacrosse stick so he could play with them! He was beside himself with joy when they helped him put on pads!

Asher is already asking if he can go next year. Josiah hopes it snows so he doesn’t have to go tomorrow (not because he doesn’t like it but because it is too hot with all of that gear). Got to love their differences…and their little shadow, Roman!


Old McDonald

We were recently in La Centre at the cousin’s house and they have pigs. Roman loved the pigs. In fact, he thinks he is Old McDonald… Just listen for it.

Adventure with the boys.

My friend Libby and I took my big boys and her two boys on a two night adventure to their family’s cabin in suncadia. Let’s just say it was a success! – field mouse: caught
– snakes: caught
– frogs: caught
– skink: caught
– wasp and hornet nests: destroyed*
– injuries: avoided
– dirt: covered
– showers: none*
– schedule: hardly
– weather: perfect
– time together: THE BEST!

*with water guns!
*except the moms each got one.
And all animals were returned to live free and in the wild!

I am SO grateful.


Celebrating Adam.

Just a low key celebration with the fam to celebrate Adam’s 39th. Simple but special. A highlight was the name tag Asher made for Adam to wear.

We love our Adam!



The best part is that this shoe choice is not out of convenience. She will actually go looking for two specific single shoes to wear.

To each her own.


More ivy.

Silly Ivy wouldn’t nap. Since I had some kitchen work to do I said she could paint. Turns out she took water coloring to the next level (and this photo doesn’t let you see her legs or feet). The funny thing is that I could pretty much see her the entire time…but apparently I couldn’t see her very well! Let’s just say we both got a lot done!


Flipping out

I wish I could do this…

Fun with a blower


Splashing is so much fun and it requires the curtain to be closed.